Fairings designed with speed and ease of installation & optimal VIV suppression efficiency in mind.

VIV Fairings

VIV suppression solutions

Cylindrical structures, such as free-standing riser pipes interact with seawater and shed Karman vortex sheets. If the vortex shedding frequency is close to the cylinder’s natural frequency, the structure will start to oscillate, or vibrate.

The VIV oscillations of submerged pipes are known to increase drag and may lead to structural fatigue. One proven means of suppressing this vibration while reducing drag is the use of fairings, which streamlines the flow around the pipe.

Lankhorst Fairings VIV suppression solutions
As an alternative to VIV Strakes, VIV Fairings can also be considered as VIV suppression solutions. Lankhorst Fairings are typically recognized for their tear dropped shaped body and rigid collars and are designed under a license acquired from Shell Global Solutions.

The typical Lankhorst Fairing will deliver a VIV suppression efficiency that is well beyond the generally required 90% compared to bare pipe whilst at the same time also reducing the drag.

Optimized for installation
Fairings from Lankhorst have been designed with a clear picture of the main client objectives on ease and speed of installation. The VIV Fairings can be provided in a kit packed form via shipping containers, whereby every container contains a specific quantity of fairings, along with the appropriate number of supporting collars and fasteners, making installation logistics simple.


Fairings designs are available for standard installations, S-lay installations over a stinger and even for drilling risers. Lankhorst has VIV suppression solutions for every pipeline or riser situation. 
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