Subsea Engineering Solutions

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Lankhorst is dedicated to the large scale manufacture of plastic products using thick-walled injection moulding techniques. With over 200 years of experience in the developing and manufacturing of strong products, Lankhorst has attained its competitive advantage through knowledge, technology, and the quality requirements necessary to produce a range of products for a number of industries. The company’s products share a common underlying theme of sustainable strength.

Lankhorst have a proven track record in providing the offshore industry with innovative polymer based technical solutions that stand the test of time. Lankhorst has for over 30 years been producing products using our unique thick-walled plastic moulding technology. We can supply high-performance innovatively engineered products to meet the demands of the offshore industry. Lankhorsts products utilize field proven technology and experience to provide superior technical solutions. The company’s technical solutions are designed not only to meet the customers’ requirements, but are also foreseen to be used again and again. 

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