vortex induced vibrations

Vortex Induced Vibration Suppression System: deepwater drilling and production risers are susceptible to vortex-induced vibration which can contribute to fatigue damage and compromise the service life of the system.

VIV Strakes
viv suppression

The Lankhorst fairing will deliver a suppression efficiency that is well beyond the generally required 90% compared to bare pipe whilst at the same time also reducing the drag.

VIV Fairings
pipeline protection

Drilling contractors faced with the challenge of operating in deep water and often hostile weather conditions have realised for some time the need to protect the bare drilling riser and auxiliary lines from damage. This is what the Riser Fin Protection System offers.


Riser Fins
riser clamp

For remote production facilities Operators are often required to provide a small diameter, piggy-back, flowline to be strapped to the main pipeline. Lankhorst has developed a Piggyback block system that is robust and fast to install.

Piggyback Blocks
Uraduct alternative

UraGUARD has been developed for applications where subsea umbilicals, flexible flowlines, risers or fibre optic cables are subjected to high levels of abrasion and impact.

bend restrictor

A bend restrictor assembly is a device that prevents the cable from over-bending.


Bend Restrictor
Clearance Protector

The Clearance Protection system is designed to provide clearance between two cables or pipelines when they cross each other.  It is designed to provide a close fitting protection around the pipeline and to be safe to handle & fast to install. 

Clearance Protector

For safe stacking of your pipes Lankhorst has developed the FixFLEX pipe carrier and the PipeStop System.

Pipe Storage