subsea cable protection
Impact Protection System
UraGUARD for cable & crossing impact protection; a high impact resistant alternative to Uraduct.

Cable & Crossing Impact Protection Design Features

subsea cable protection systems

The UraGUARD cable & crossing impact protection system is designed to be safe to handle and fast to install. The design features overlapping and interlocking half shells to provide a close fitting protection around the pipeline, whilst also ensuring alignment during installation. The shells can be manufactured from marine grade PU and PE materials in lengths of up to 2 metres.

The UraGUARD system is secured using either corrosion resistant Alloy 625 or glass filled nylon strapping, placed in recesses on the product during installation. These recesses ensure an even spacing of the strapping along the pipeline without measuring along with a smooth consistent outer diameter.

The flexible characteristics of the materials enable the product to meet the required minimum bend radius required by the pipeline.

An extensive range of bending radius and impact tests can be carried out at Lankhorst’s in house testing facilities as required.