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Lankhorst offers high-impact resistant products for riser protection and storage. Find out more.

Drilling Riser Protection and Storage

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Protection and storage of bare drilling risers strings both on and offshore can often be an issue, Lankhorst provides solutions for both.

Lankhorst Riser Fins
Lankhorst has developed a patented riser fin protection system that is designed to protect the bare riser joint and its corresponding auxiliary lines from any form of impact, and guide the riser through the riser tower. One set consists of five to eight Lankhkorst Riser Fins that are made from a high impact resistant neutral buoyant thermoplastic material. The Lankhorst Riser Fins duplicate the O.D. of buoyant joints, when present, to allow easier handling on the riser handling equipment.

The addition of the Riser Fin Protection System creates value to the operation by protecting the riser and rig from costly damage. It will increase the speed and safety of the riser handling operation. The addition may also increase the working window for running riser during marginal weather conditions. Any increase in drag due to the application of riser fins is minimized by an open structure design.

Lankhorst Support Shims
Lankhorst have also developed a support ring system that will enable drilling risers to be stacked horizontally up to 14 levels high. The Lankhorst Support Shims can be supplied individually or in fully assembled half-shims. Installation of the two half rings around the drilling riser and auxiliary lines in specific locations enables the risers to be stacked. The rings are made from a high compression resistant plastic material, and duplicate the O.D. of the installed Riser Fins and any buoyant joints.

guide cone
Lankhorst Guiding Cones
Guiding cones can be used to assist in the positioning and placement of the riser joints when stored vertically in the riser bay. The guiding cones designed by Lankhorst are produced from a high impact resistant thermoplastic to ensure a long life time.

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