Piggyback Clamping System

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During pipe laying operations it may be required to install one or more smaller diameter pipes or cables at the same time as the main larger diameter pipe. Piggyback Blocks can be used in order to ensure that these smaller pipelines are secured and properly supported during installation and lifetime.

Lankhorst Piggyback Blocks

Lankhorst’s Piggyback Blocks are designed to be a high-impact resistant support for the secondary pipelines, and can be manufactured from a range of different materials depending on the requirements of the client. The typical design is a simple two part base and cap, designed to support and guide the piggy line whilst still allowing free axial movement, thus acting as a guide. Designs are available with various gaps between the main pipe and the secondary lines.

Optimized for installation
Lankhorst Piggyback Blocks are designed with ease of installation in mind. The Piggyback Blocks feature finger grips on the side to aid in lifting and handling, whilst also being designed with ribs in order to reduce the product weight.

Several strapping options are available including high tensile carbon steel, long term service life alloy 625 (Inconel) or Kevlar in combination with a super duplex tensioner.

Material specifications
Piggyback blocks can be manufactured from a range of materials depending on the needs of the client. These include virgin polyethylene, polyurethane or polypropylene, or low environmental impact marine grade recycled materials.
Brochure Piggyback Blocks and Clamps

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Riser Clamp Piggy Back Blocks
Lankhorst Piggyback Blocks are designed to be a high- impact resistant support for the secondary pipelines.
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