pipe protection
Pipeline Protection
Pipeline protection systems from Lankhorst are innovative and high-impact resistant. Find out more.

Pipeline Protection Key Design Features

pipeline protection

Lankhorst Riser Fins and Lankhorst Support Shims can be supplied for varying Riser and Buoyancy ODs, and with varying end shapes. The standard length of a riser fin is 5ft, with a complete system consisting of multiple sets for full coverage of the joint.

The riser fins are tensioned to the riser with Kevlar strapping and stainless steel tensioners. Support shims half rings are fastened together with stainless steel.

The fins and shims are packed on standard wooden pallets and are easily stackable inside 20ft or 40ft ISO containers, ensuring optimum use of space and minimizing handling and transport costs. The individual items weigh 30kg or less, making them relatively easy to handle during installation, and requiring no special equipment to install.

The material used for production is selected based upon its compression and impact resistance in the diverse weathers conditions the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico, and anything in between.