Offshore Engineering  Company

Offshore engineering products that are high-impact resistant and field proven. With the unique thick-walled plastic production
technology, Lankhorst can supply high-performance innovatively engineered products to meet the demands of the offshore industry.

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VIV Strakes 

Vortex Induced Vibration Suppression System: deepwater drilling and production risers are susceptible to vortex-induced vibration which can contribute to fatigue damage and compromise the service life of the system. Lankhorst VIV Strakes offer high impact resistant VIV suppression solutions!

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Riser Protection 

Drilling contractors faced with the challenge of operating in deep water and often hostile weather conditions have realised for some time the need to protect the bare drilling riser and auxiliary lines from damage. This is precisely what the Lankhorst Riser Fin Protection System offers.

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Piggyback Blocks 

For remote production facilities operators are often required to provide a small diameter, piggy-back, flowline to be strapped to the main pipeline.  Lankhorst Piggyback Blocks are designed to be a high-impact resistant support for the secondary pipelines with ease of installation in mind.

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UraGUARD Impact Protection 

UraGUARD Crossing & Impact protection, an alternative to Uraduct, has been developed for applications where subsea umbilicals, flexible flowlines, risers or fibre optic cables are subjected to high levels of abrasion and impact. Designed to be safe to handle and fast to install.

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VIV Fairings 

VIV Fairings from Lankhorst are designed with speed and ease of installation & optimal VIV suppression efficiency in mind. Fairings will reduce drag and streamline the flow around the pipe.

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Bend Restrictors 

The Lankhorst Boltless Bend Restrictors protect cables, umbilicals & flexibles from overbending and don’t require bolting along the string, because of the unique interlocking system. They can easily be installed and save a lot of offshore installation time.

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Clearance Protector 

The Clearance Protection system is designed to provide clearance between two cables or pipelines when they cross each other, as an alternative to concrete mattresses or rock dumping.  It is designed to provide a close fitting protection around the pipeline and to be safe to handle & fast to install. 

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