Lankhorst partners with Our Ocean Challenge

January 2017 - Lankhorst is now a partners with
Our Oceans Challenge, an open online co-creation platform that encourages people from all over the world to share their ideas and develop innovative solutions for a sustainable use of our oceans. This perfectly fits Lankhorst’s mission of sustainable enterprise.

In 2014 Our Oceans Challenge foundation established a vibrant community of entrepeneurs, offshore experts, scientists, students and those who care for the oceans to share and enrich ideas for a sustainable offshore industry. Although the industry is facing difficult times, many industry parties realize that they have to move to action and have joined Our Oceans Challenge (OOC) by identifying their most urgent sustainability challenges. And OOC is back now for the second cycle!

Lankhorst is actively producing innovative products from amongst others recycled plastics since the 1970’s. Therefore it was rather a logical step to become partner of Our Oceans Challenge, since Lankhorst has already vastly contributed to sustainability from the very beginning. Waste streams, such as bottle caps, that are found in the ‘plastic soup’ nowadays are raw materials for making their high quality plastic products. Lankhorst supplies high-performance engineered plastic products to meet the demands of the offshore industry, utilizing field proven technology. Not only designed to meet the customers’ requirements, but also foreseen to be used again and again. 

The following five most urgent sustainability challenges have been defined:


  1. Sustainable legacy
    How can you add value by (re-)using offshore structures?
  2. Noise management
    How can you minimize noise impact of operations at sea for sub-sea life?
  3. Waste management
    How can the offshore industry contribute to cleaner oceans?
  4. Big data big deal
    How can the power of big data contribute to a sustainable offshore industry?
  5. Ocean resources
    How can using its resources benefit the ocean and society?

The platform is live since the 1st of December 2016 till the of 1st March 2017, after which 10% of the best ideas are further developed. In the final three months the goal is to have 10 feasible business solutions or start-ups that will contribute to a sustainable offshore industry. The entire world is invited to join and post ideas on the five challenge themes. The platform can be found here