Uraduct alternative
Crossing & Impact Protection
The UraGUARD Cable and Flowline Protection system is designed to be safe to handle and fast to install.

UraGUARD Cable and Flowline Crossing Protection

subsea cable protection systems

In harsh offshore environments subsea umbilicals, flexible flowlines, risers or fibre optic cables are often subjected to large impacts or high levels of abrasion due to rocky seabeds, pipeline/cable crossings etc.

The Lankhorst UraGUARD system, an alternative to Uraduct, consists of cylindrical half shells moulded from high impact resistant polyurethane (PU) or polyethylene (PE) material, and is available in a wide range of inside diameters, lengths and wall thicknesses.

UraGUARD can be useful in many applications as an alternative to concrete mattressing or rock dumping, including among others:


  • Crossing Protection
  • Impact Protection
  • Abrasion Protection
  • Pipeline Spacers

Brochure UraGUARD Cable and Flowline Crossing Protection