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Boltless Bend Restrictor with unique interlocking system for easy and time saving installation. Interested?

Lankhorst Boltless Bend Restrictors

Bend Restrictor

Each cable, umbilical or flexible has a minimum bending radius, below which the cable can be severely damaged and become unusable for operation. If no prevention is taken, overbending will usually happen. In subsea applications this is usually either at the platform or at the seabed.

A bend restrictor assembly is a device which is mounted around the cable and attached to the structure so that bending of the cable will be prevented beyond the designed locking radius of the bend restrictor, thus preventing the cable from overbending.

The Lankhorst Boltless Bend Restrictor does not require bolting along the string, because of its unique interlocking system. It therefore can be easily installed much faster than any other bend restrictor, saving a lot of offshore installation time. Thanks to the innovative design it can be quickly removed using an ROV if necessary.

All Lankhorst Bend Restrictors are proven in the field on many subsea applications and are manufactured from the most suitable heavy duty, tough and damage resistant materials. Every part is interchangeable, keeping installation a simple process.

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