Buoyancy Modules Technology

Subsea Buoyancy

subsea buoyancy systemsLankhorst uses a rotomoulded polyethylene hollow shell that is then filled with a blend of syntactic foam and Macrospheres to provide the required uplift.

Using Macrosphere technology within the syntactic foam allows the density of the foam to be reduced, thus maximizing the uplift. This also enables Lankhorst to design and produce buoyancy modules to suit any water depth.
 buoyancy modules
The complete buoyancy shells can be supplied with a choice of internal clamping system, either an integrated rubber clamp, or a separate rigid clamp which the buoyancy module fits around.


subsea buoyancy
Buoyancy Module
Looking for buoyancy modules that suit any water depth? Buoyancy from Lankhorst provides the required uplift.
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